Pretreatment auxiliaries

Pretreatment auxiliaries


General auxiliaries mainly include penetrating agent, chelating agent, and defoaming agent. penetrating agents are mainly permeable, with fixed hydrophilic oil affinity groups. They can be aligned on the surface of the solution, and can significantly reduce the surface tension. They can help permeable substances penetrate into the permeable substances. Chelating agent is a versatile efficient organic chelate, it can soften water, with strong chelating and dispersing force on Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe3+ and other metal ions. Preventing the formation of sediment in the process of dyeing and other contaminants produced by the dross, and slowly dissolving and removing the equipment silicon scale, calcium soap precipitate and oligomer and preventing metal salts stain on various fibre. Improving the whiteness, brightness and color fastness of fabrics when bleaching, dyeing and printing. Defoamer, which reduces surface tension in the process of dyeing and finishing, inhibits the production of foams or eliminates the additives that have produced foam.


General auxiliaries can be used for dyeing and finishing of various fabrics, and the effects of permeation, chelating metal ions and defoaming can be used.

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name functio Ứng Dụng characteristic
Sentol OT-30 (bluesign) Penetrating agent

1.Excellent wetting and penetrating effect when using in scouring, bleaching and dyeing process
2.Excellent wetting and penetrating effect when using in rubber, fossil oil, paint and synthetic resin


name functio Ứng Dụng characteristic